Custom Retro Mod and VIntage Motorcycles. Rebuilt in NYC.

1971 E3 CL100 Scrambler.

I dropped the bike off with Zac over at Saved Tattoo today and he was able to take it out for a run around the city. All systems go! We were aiming for a nice understated and reliable daily rider and the bike seems to fit the bill perfect. 

The project took 3 weeks start to finish. Complete tear down, rebuilt front end, rebuilt carb, new rear suspension, custom laser etched and upholstered seat, Lucas tail light, Matt Black/Wrinkle Paint, 50/50 IRC Tires, all new cables, bearings, rubber components, black tracker bars, biltwell grips, new controls and levers, etc…

My friend Julien shot a really cool video of the rebuild process and some riding footage that we’ll have edited and posted soon. 

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    1971 E3 CL100 Scrambler.
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    I want to do this to mine…
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